1930 Cadillac Imperial Phaeton
"Prince of Rhodesia"

This unique Cadillac has been custom-made in America, specifically for
the former government of Rhodesia / South Africa (now Zimbabwe).
In 1930 Rhodesia was part of the British Empire under King
George V. of England and Queen Mary, so the Cadillac is
a right hand drive vehicle. The car served as a parade car for the
Governor of Rhodesia in state receptions, when the 'Royals from Great Britain'
and other important guests from the rest of the world came for a visit.

White and blue were the colors of the flag of Bulawayo,
the former capital of Rhodesia and main seat of the government.
In the early 70s, the car was brought to Cape Town in a museum,
which was then dissolved after 30 years in 2005. The museum´s
director hoped to achieve a better sales-price in America,
so he shipped the Cadillac to California, from where it was
placed in the internet on ebay.com USA.

I saw it at 3 am in the computer, immediately drove to
Frankfurt airport and 15 hours later I arrived in San Francisco.
After a test drive crossing Golden Gate Bridge and passing
enthusiastically waving spectators in the city,
I bought the car and brought it to Germany. After a successful
restoration, the Cadillac now starts at classic car shows, Concours
d'Elégances and parades all over Europe and has won many
"Best of Show" titles, several times ´Best in Class´
trophies and a lot of 'Special Awards' by publics choice.

The one-of-a-kind Cadillac also accompanies lucky wedding couples on their road to happiness.

“ Once perfect for kings and queens
it now fulfills your luckiest dreams ”

5.8 liter, 8 cylinder, 120 hp, 75 mls/h, 2.6 tons weight,
imperial divider window between front and back seats
hinged front windshield, foldaway armrests,
picnic set and tableware "Old English Castles"
In 1930 the price of the Cadillac was 6000 US Dollars, as much as 20 Ford Model T.

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